NIA's New Anti-Coronavirus Play

With the Coronavirus fast spreading... the next stocks to explode will be cloud kitchen plays. Cloud kitchens are delivery only establishments with low overhead that focus exclusively on food delivery through mobile apps like Uber Eats, Grubhub, etc. There is a very well-known brand that's extremely popular in the NY/NJ region that is beginning to open up corporate owned cloud kitchens using the money they raised in their IPO two weeks ago. The company is called Muscle Maker (GRIL) and it is listed on the NASDAQ at a current price of $3.75 per share.

We believe GRIL is about the become the #1 cloud kitchen play in the entire market! We will be issuing an in-depth report about GRIL this afternoon.

Just for your information, Travis Kalanick recently dumped all of his Uber stock to invest big into opening his own cloud kitchens. He understands that cloud kitchens will become the hottest investment space on Wall Street and the Coronavirus will only multiply the popularity of cloud kitchens.

At the moment, GRIL is actually trading for below its IPO price of $5 but it won't be for long, in NIA's opinion! Read this morning's news! We will tell you all about GRIL later today! We are extremely confident about GRIL.

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