NPR, MXC, and BWEN All Gained Today

North Peak Resources (TSXV: NPR) gained by 1.77% today to $2.87 per share. NPR's maiden drilling program is beginning this week at the Black Horse Gold Project in Nevada. Back on June 17, 2020, Blackrock Silver (TSXV: BRC) launched its maiden drilling program at Tonopah West in Nevada with gold at $1,736 per oz. Over the following month while BRC's initial drilling was taking place, gold gained by 4.26% while BRC gained by 45.76% or 10.74X more than gold in anticipation of initial drilling results. On July 20, 2020, with gold at $1,810 per oz, BRC announced that it discovered high-grade gold/silver in its very first drill hole. Over the following 10 trading days as gold rallied another 9.72% to $1,986 per oz, BRC rallied another 274.42% or 28.23X more than gold. Between BRC's launch of drilling on June 17, 2020 and July 31, 2020, BRC gained by 445.76% in six weeks. Exactly one month from today on March 16th, the Fed will launch its rate hike cycle, thereby igniting gold's largest short-term rally in history. NPR's Black Horse Gold Project appears to be a many times better quality project than Tonopah WestNPR is positioned for a perfect storm explosion over the next six weeks.

Mexco Energy (MXC) gained by 1.72% today to $10.90 per share. MXC earned record EPS of $0.35 last quarter and we expect MXC to earn $0.40+ per quarter in EPS moving forward. MXC deserves to be trading in the $15-$20 per share range immediately.

Broadwind (BWEN) gained by 1.04% today to $1.94 per share. Exactly one week from today on February 23rd will be the #1 largest wind energy auction in U.S. history.

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