NTE about to Explode, 5-Bagger Potential!

The streaming content producer and provider Genius Brands (GNUS) hit a new 52-week high this morning of $7.79 per share where it now has a market cap of $595 million despite GNUS being a money losing company with trailing twelve month revenue of only $5.022 million including revenues last quarter declining by 72.58% on a year-over-year basis! Other companies in this industry have begun to breakout big in recent days including Cinedigm Corp. (CIDM), which is up by 26% this morning! This morning, NIA has researched every single company in this entire industry and it has discovered one company that stands out as being extremely profitable, at a ground-floor share price, and has rapid revenue growth after producing an original docuseries for YouTube that recently became YouTube's #1 most successful original production of all time!

NIA predicts that the #1 largest short-term gainer in this space moving forward will be the company: Network Media Group (TSXV: NTE).

Currently at $0.15 per share with an enterprise value of only CAD$15.16 million, NTE recently produced for YouTube: Series 1 of the Original Docuseries called The Age of A.I., which you can see by clicking here! NTE's very first episode of The Age of A.I. that it produced for YouTube (Google paid NTE to produce the docuseries) received a record 42,818,969 views!

NTE's revenue last quarter increased by 328.1% on a year-over-year basis to $4.222 million, which has increased NTE's trailing twelve month revenue to a new record high of CAD$19.51 million! NTE earned positive EBITDA over the last twelve months of CAD$17.61 million with positive cash flow of CAD$10.48 million! NTE's current enterprise value at $0.15 per share of CAD$15.16 million is only 0.86X EBITDA and 1.45X cash flow!

We are giving NTE a confidence rating of 98 as a short-term play to capitalize on the HUGE success of GNUS and CIDM!

GNUS has gained by 2,413% in one month and we believe NTE has 5-bagger potential!

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