NTE's Chart Setup Perfectly for HUGE Breakout!

On the morning of June 3rd we suggested Network Media Group (TSXV: NTE) at $0.15 per share and said that it had 5-bagger potential. After gaining by 12.9% on June 3rd to close at $0.175 per share on record volume of 2.329 million shares, NTE gained by 5.71% to $0.185 per share on June 4th on record volume of 3.401 million shares. On June 5th, NTE gained another 5.41% to $0.195 per share on volume of 1.55 million shares.

NTE hit a high on June 5th of $0.215 per share for a three-day gain of 43.33% from our suggestion price.

Over the following seven days, NTE dipped to a June 16th low of $0.16 per share on light volume... but it has since bounced back to a current price this morning of $0.18 per share. Look for NTE to surpass its key breakout point of $0.215 per share in the days ahead. 

NTE's enterprise value at $0.18 per share is only $17 million, when NTE has earned positive EBITDA over the last 12 months of $17.61 million! NTE is currently trading with an enterprise value of less than 1X EBITDA when it is one of the most rapidly growing companies in the world with a HUGE backlog of business!

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