OGO's 2Q Revenue to Grow 50%+ from 1Q!

Organto Foods (TSXV: OGO) or OGOFF is likely to report rapidly accelerating revenue growth for the quarter ending today! After reporting year-over-year revenue growth of 41.44% in 3Q 2020, 211.8% in 4Q 2020, and 196.5% in 1Q 2021, OGO's 2Q 2021 year-over-year revenue growth is likely to reach between 233% and 242%! OGO's 2Q 2021 will almost definitely be a record breaking revenue quarter and OGO will almost definitely report that their 2021 first half revenue well exceeded their 2020 full year revenue!

On a quarter-over-quarter basis, OGO's 2Q 2021 revenue will likely be up between 51% and 55% from 1Q 2021! For comparison, OGO's 2Q 2020 revenue grew by 34.42% from 1Q 2020!

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