OPK Hits $4.83 Up 132.2% in 3 Months!

On April 23rd, NIA officially announced OPKO Health (OPK) at $2.08 per share as its #1 favorite COVID-19 testing stock suggestion. NIA predicted in its OPK announcement alert that, "it will rise to $3 per share in the upcoming weeks." After OPK surpassed $3 per share on June 29th, NIA sent out an alert predicting that OPK was about to rise much higher than it originally anticipated. NIA explained on June 29th, "we haven't yet seen a short squeeze... OPK's short position has grown from 98 million shares when we first suggested it to 117 million shares as of June 15th!"

We now know that as of June 30th when OPK closed up by 15.59% to $3.41 per share, OPK's short position had increased once again to a level of 129,490,000 shares!

OPK on Friday gained by 14.14% to close at $4.60 per share. OPK reached a high on Friday of $4.83 per share for a gain of 132.2% from NIA's suggestion price!  

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