Palladium Up $62.50 this Morning to $2,373.50 Per Oz!

Palladium is up another $62.50 today to $2,373.50 per oz! So far, year-to-date in 2020, palladium has gained by $432.50 or 22.28% from its 2019 year-end price of $1,941 per oz!

21C Metals (CSE: BULL) acquired control of the East Bull Palladium project in February 2019 and its most recent private placement from May 3, 2019 for CAD$2.8 million was issued at a share price of $0.18 per share. Back on May 3, 2019, palladium was trading for only $1,365.50 per oz. Palladium has gained by $1,008 or 73.82% since May 3, 2019, but BULL is only trading today for $0.14 per share with a market cap of only USD$7 million!

On Monday, BULL's name will officially change to Canadian Palladium Resources Inc. After Impala's acquisition last month of North American Palladium for CAD$1 billion, there is currently only one publicly traded company on U.S. or Canadian exchanges with palladium in its name: Palladium One Mining (TSXV: PDM) and its market cap has increased since mid-October from CAD$2.404 million to a current market cap of CAD$20.44 million.

Interestingly, one service we use called Ycharts changed BULL's name this morning one full trading day early! We just did a company name search on Ycharts for "palladium" and these were the results:

Out of 6 matches, BULL shows up twice one for its CSE symbol BULL and one for its U.S. OTC symbol DCNNF! The only other company in the results is Palladium One, which also shows up twice. The only other two results are for two palladium ETFs: Aberdeen Standard Physical Palladium Shares ETF (PALL) and Sprott Physical Platinum & Palladium Trust (SPPP). The graphic above is what all financial portals will look like on Monday when investors search for palladium stocks!

With North American Palladium now owned by Impala, if investors do a company name search looking for a North American based palladium stock, BULL will be the only matching company!

The most recent drilling at BULL's East Bull Palladium project took place between October 29 and November 9, 2017. Only 320m were drilled over 3 holes.

Drill hole EB17-01 intercepted 2.082 g/t palladium, 0.665 g/t platinum, 0.049 g/t rhodium, 0.071 g/t gold, 0.226% copper, and 0.134% nickel over 12m beginning only 29m downhole, which included 1m of 8.09 g/t palladium, 1.82 g/t platinum, 0.13 g/t rhodium, 0.075 g/t gold, 0.266% copper, and 0.294% nickel located only 36m downhole.

Drill hole EB17-03 intercepted 1.148 g/t palladium, 0.501 g/t platinum, 0.032 g/t rhodium, 0.078 g/t gold, 0.14% copper, and 0.058% nickel over 11m beginning only 60m downhole. Drill hole EB17-03 also intercepted 2.243 g/t palladium, 0.788 g/t platinum, 0.072 g/t rhodium, 0.11 g/t gold, 0.16% copper, and 0.071% nickel over 7m beginning only 80m downhole.

BULL is planning a major 10 to 15 hole drilling campaign for early 2020 and has already mapped out what its team of expert geologists believe are the best locations to drill with a goal of rapidly growing BULL's palladium equivalent resource from 523,000 oz today to over 2 million oz in the near-future!

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