Palladium Hits $2,842.50 Up $298 in 24 Hours!

Palladium has just exploded by $298 over the last 24 hours to hit a new all-time high of $2,842.50 per oz! There are many people who believe that the Marathon Palladium Project in Ontario will become the world's next palladium mine and Plato Gold (TSXV: PGC)'s Pic River Palladium Project is directly adjacent to Marathon and on strike with Marathon's brand new Sally deposit that just added 767,000 oz to Marathon's resource on December 2nd! In less than two weeks, PGC will receive major exposure at PDAC 2020 when Dr Rudy Wahl who discovered the Pic River Palladium Project receives the mining industry's most prestigious award the Bill Dennis Award!

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