Palladium is Soaring! PGC is Next to Largest PGM Resource in North America!

Palladium is up by $39.57 today to $2,431.50 per oz! NIA's brand new #1 favorite palladium stock suggestion Plato Gold (TSXV: PGC) has acquired control of the Pic River Palladium Project, which is directly adjacent to Generation Mining (CSE: GENM)'s 51% owned Marathon Palladium Project, the largest undeveloped platinum group metal (PGM) mineral resource in North America! Both projects are located in Ontario's Coldwell Complex and contain the same type of Eastern Gabbro mineralization!

The Marathon Palladium Project was previously owned by NIA's first ever palladium stock suggestion Stillwater Mining, which got acquired in 2017 by Sibanye Gold (SBGL) for USD$2.2 billion - a large premium above NIA's suggestion price. On October 20, 2019, NIA announced Group Ten Metals (TSXV: PGE) as its new #1 favorite palladium stock suggestion at $0.145 per share because its Stillwater West project is directly adjacent to SBGL's Stillwater palladium mine in Montana. On January 20th, PGE hit a new all-time high of $0.38 per share for a gain of 162% from NIA's suggestion price.

Last month, GENM released a Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) for its Marathon Palladium Project. Using a palladium price of USD$1,900 per oz, the PEA valued the Marathon Palladium Project at CAD$1.54 billion or 3.57X more than its estimated initial CAPEX of only CAD$431 million. The nearby infrastructure: the Trans-Canada Highway, CP national rail line, Great Lakes ports, and hydro transmission lines are second to none.

PGC's company name may be Plato Gold, but the company intends to focus all future exploration on its Pic River Palladium Project and Good Hope Niobium Project, which were both discovered by Dr. Rudy Wahl. Less than three weeks from today on Tuesday, March 3rd at the 42nd Annual PDAC AwardsDr. Rudy Wahl will receive one of the mining industry's most prestigious awards, the Bill Dennis Award - click here to see for yourself.

If you read the bio for Dr. Rudy Wahl on PDAC's web site by clicking here you will see that he previously received the Northwestern Ontario Prospectors Association (NWOPA)'s Bernie Schneiders Discovery of the Year Award for his discovery of niobium-phosphate mineralization in the Prairie Lake carbonatite complex northwest of Marathon. In August 2019, PGC acquired a 100% interest in Dr. Wahl's niobium discovery, which is now called the Good Hope Niobium Project.

PGC's Pic River Palladium Project is directly adjacent and on strike to GENM's Sally Deposit where in December GENM intercepted 2.41 g/t palladium equivalent over an estimated true width of 10m!

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