A Perfect Storm for XAU

An article came out late last week entitled, 'Intuitive Machines Picks SpaceX Falcon 9 to Launch its Moon Lander for NASA'. Click here to read the article.

This is going to be a very big deal as we approach 2022 and GoldMoney (TSX: XAU)'s Totenpass technology will be used aboard the Intuitive Machines Nova-C moon lander.

The launch of Totenpass was originally going to be last month but got postponed due to Bitcoin's soaring price. XAU decided that they wanted to have their new Bitcoin/Blockchain platform ready for launch at the same time as Totenpass. Almost nobody knows about it at this time. XAU purposely mentioned it only at the very bottom of their earnings press release.

XAU is the largest shareholder of Mene (TSXV: MENE), which closed last week at a 52-week closing high of $0.85 per share. MENE is already accepting Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies as payment for pure gold/platinum jewelry today. Now that XAU has left the Island of Jersey we expect to see XAU relaunch full Cryptocurrency trading by year-end.

XAU's CEO Roy Sebag is also the Chairman of Fortress Blockchain (TSXV: FORT) which has gained by 45.71% over the last three trading days. A much larger move to the upside for XAU is imminent.

A perfect storm for XAU is forming. Palantir has just diversified $50.7 million of their cash position into physical gold. XAU is the #1 leading company for allowing individuals and businesses to buy and store physical gold that they own title to with zero counterparty riskXAU's GoldMoney Checkout technology allows businesses to accept payment in gold.

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