Peter Schiff vs. Raoul Pal Debate Moderated by Tom Bilyeu

We really enjoyed this 3-hour long gold vs. Bitcoin debate between Peter Schiff and Raoul Pal moderated by Tom Bilyeu.

Prior to watching it we thought for sure that Peter Schiff wouldn't talk about Tether (USDT) and how it has been used to manipulate the Crypto market and artificially inflate Crypto prices, and we were proven completely wrong within the first 15 minutes of the debate with Schiff mentioning Tether (USDT) several times. We thought for sure that Raoul Pal wouldn't be able to make an argument for Bitcoin without saying "it is the best performing asset in the history of the world", and we were right. All of Bitcoin's early gains were manipulated by Mt Gox creating fake Crypto dollars after it got hacked and Bitfinex printing Tether (USDT) after it got hacked. Bitcoin's past performance doesn't really mean anything. All that matters is what will perform well moving forward. We became bullish on Bitcoin in 2016 at $531 and bearish on Bitcoin in 2021 near $69,000 and remain bearish on Bitcoin today. We know of several gold stocks that will soon 10X in value. Will any Crypto stocks 10X in value from where they are trading today? Probably not. Every Bitcoin miner is likely to decline by 90% after the upcoming halving.