Proof AHG About to Launch CBD-Infused Products

To Search the FDA's National Drug Code (NDC) database for finished drug products: click here. Once there, change "select type" to "proprietary name". Below that, type in  "CBD" and click "search".
You will see that the FDA now has 53 registered products with CBD in their name. Look on the left side under "Proprietary Name" and scroll down to the 24th listed product. It is called CBDezic. Look over to the right and you will see that the Labeler Name is Blaine Labs Inc, the company Alternate Health (CSE: AHG) is acquiring and intends to transform into an international CBD leader.
CBDezic hasn't yet been announced by AHG or Blaine Labs but it is a finished product ready for launch and marketing and just one of many CBD-infused products that AHG will be launching through Blaine Labs between now and year-end 2019! You will notice that CBDezic is a topical gel product that Blaine Labs can officially begin to market as of March 1st, 2019. On March 25th, 2019, Blaine Labs registered the domain name - although the web site hasn't yet been launched.
We have obtained a picture of what CBDezic's product label will look like. The product label makes it clear that CBDezic is a medical grade pain-relieving gel. Importantly, it also states that CBDezic is physician formulated, made in the USA, hemp derived, and THC free!
CBDezic has its NDC printed on the top of the label, confirming that the product is registered with the FDA and is manufactured at an FDA inspected facility that complies with all cGMP standards.
Shockingly, some of the industry's highest market cap companies like Curaleaf (CSE: CURA) are manufacturing non-medical grade products in non-FDA inspected facilities that don't comply with cGMP standards. CURA's products aren't labeled properly and don't even display an NDC.
NIA predicts that by year-end 2019, AHG will have CBD-infused products sold at more retailers across the U.S. than CURA, when CURA today is a $6.6 billion market cap company.
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