NIA's SLV Call Options Already Up 111%!

So far in 2020, NIA has only made one option suggestion and it has already become a HUGE winner: On March 12, 2020 when the gold/silver ratio hit 100 for the first time since 1991, NIA suggested the iShares Silver Trust (SLV) December 2020 $15 call option at $1.44. Today, NIA's SLV call option suggestion hit a new high of $3.04 for a gain of 111.11%!

Even though buying naked/uncovered call options in any asset is always a very risky investing strategy, NIA was 1,000% confident that its SLV call option suggestion would become a big winner! In fact, when NIA made its announcement on March 12th, NIA predicted that its SLV calls would become a 500%-1,000% gainer! With seven full months left before expiration, we are well on track to NIA's prediction coming true!

As you may recall, NIA didn't suggest SLV call options when it did due to the gold/silver ratio alone but also due to silver's volatility hitting a near record low relative to gold!

Not only has the gold/silver ratio declined back to 93 down from 100 on March 12th exactly like NIA predicted, but the SLV/GLD volatility ratio has exploded to 2.06 up from 1.15 on March 12th, exactly like we expected it to do when investors began returning to silver as a monetary metal!

Two weeks ago, NIA sent out a major update on its SLV call option suggestion when it hit $2.20 for an initial gain of 52.78%. At the time of NIA's May 17th update, the gold/silver ratio was 101.60 and NIA predicted it would return to 92.90 by the end of the month! Click here to see NIA's May 17th alert!

NIA was wrong! The gold/silver ratio returned to 92.90 on June 1st one day into the following month (today's exact low)!