SPRT Hits $50 Up 2,425%, #1 NASDAQ Gainer of 2021!

Support.com (SPRT) has just hit $50 and is now up by 2,425.25% since NIA's September 8th confidence rating of 100 suggestion at $1.98 per share making it NIA's 4th largest gaining stock suggestion of all-time and the NASDAQ's #1 largest percentage gainer of 2021!

NIA has sent out more alerts about SPRT over the past year than any other NASDAQ stock!

SPRT was NIA's only NASDAQ stock suggestion over the past year to receive NIA's highest level of confidence!

NIA was the very first organization to discover SPRT! On September 8th following NIA's announcement, SPRT traded its highest volume day of 2020!

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