TGLO/TELL Share Price Ratio Finishes Week at New Record High

The share price ratio of (TGLO)/Tellurian (TELL) finished this week at a new record high of 0.2678 and it won't take long for TGLO to surpass TELL in share price.

While TELL only has one LNG customer left after losing most of its LNG customers in recent weeks, TGLO's parent company Delfin Midstream only needs to sign one more LNG customer to be able to make its Final Investment Decision and go public by merging into TGLO.

TGLO and TELL are literally the exact opposite of each other.

While TELL's Driftwood LNG Project has an impossible to finance initial CAPEX of $1,087/TPA, the Delfin LNG Project has the industry's lowest initial CAPEX of only $550/TPA!

TGLO's CEO Frederick Jones co-founded Glencore in 1974 before founding Delfin Midstream in 2013 and acquiring control of TGLO in late-2017 to be able to quickly take Delfin Midstream public after its Final Investment Decision, which Delfin expects to make sometime between now and year-end! Glencore has become the #1 largest company in Switzerland! In recent weeks, the #2 largest company in Switzerland, Vitol has cancelled their 10-year agreement to purchase LNG from TELL while signing a new 15-year agreement to purchase LNG from Delfin Midstream!

Vitol also made a strategic investment into TGLO's parent company Delfin Midstream! Vitol never made any investments into TELL!

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