TSN 4Q Growth Could Exceed 800%!

When Telson Mining (TSXV: TSN) or SOHFF on the U.S. OTC reports its 4Q 2020 results sometime between this evening and Monday... it is possible that 4Q revenue could grow by more than 800% on a year-over-year basis! TSN's revenue will also be up greatly on a quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) basis because Campo Morado milled 168,311 tonnes in 4Q 2020 up from 127,438 tonnes in 3Q 2020 while zinc prices (according to IMF data) have exploded from an average of $2,344.52 per metric ton in 3Q 2020 up to an average of $2,630.70 per metric ton in 4Q 2020!

TSN's HUGE growth will continue when the company reports its 1Q 2021 results one month from today! Zinc prices have continued to explode in recent months averaging $2,747.26 per metric ton in 1Q 2021 including $2,791.94 per metric ton in March 2021! TSN further increased its mill throughput in 1Q 2021 to 174,400 tonnes!

TSN's revenue growth will be further fueled by the company's improving recovery ratesTSN has been rapidly improving its recovery rates in particular for gold! In 3Q 2020, TSN had very low gold recovery rates of only 9% but has improved its gold recovery rates to 15% in 4Q 2020 and 21% in 1Q 2021!

TSN had silver recovery rates in 3Q 2020 of 36% but has improved its silver recovery rates to 37.3% in 4Q 2020 and 41% in 1Q 2021!

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