TSN: Mexico's Next High Grade Gold Producer!

Telson Mining (TSXV: TSN) or SOHFF on the U.S. OTC is about to become Mexico's next high grade producer of gold. The construction of TSN's 100% owned Tahuehueto Mine is now 70% complete and the funding has been successfully raised in recent weeks for TSN to complete construction and launch production by year-end 2021. TSN's Tahuehueto is a massive 7,492 hectare project, which is equivalent to 28.93 square miles making it 27.45% larger than the NYC island of Manhattan.

NIA's President Gerard Adams has purchased 1 million shares of TSN making it his first investment into a producing precious/base metals miner since his 2010 investment into Great Panther Mining (TSX: GPR), which he profited US$2 million on after it gained by 390% within five months of NIA's suggestion. Gerard no longer likes GPR because their flagship Mexican mine the Guanajuato Mine Complex is running out of ore with rapidly declining grades.

Over the last two years, GPR has produced a much larger amount of silver equivalent from its Topia mine in Durango State, Mexico. GPR's Topia mine is much smaller than its Guanajuato Mine Complex, with Topia only having the capacity to process 220 tonnes of ore per day vs. the Guanajuato Mine Complex having the capacity to process 1,000 tonnes of ore per day. Despite GPR's Topia having only 22% of the processing capacity of the Guanajuato Mine Complex, Topia over the last two full calendar years of 2019/2020 produced 2,871,000 oz silver equivalent vs. the Guanajuato Mine Complex producing 2,649,000 oz silver equivalent. Topia is producing 8.38% more silver equivalent than the Guanajuato Mine Complex despite having 78% less processing capacity... due to Topia's extremely high silver grades!

Very few investors are aware of this yet but the closest mining project adjacent to GPR's high grade Topia mine is TSN's Tahuehueto located a short 25 km to the north of Topia

TSN's Tahuehueto will have the capacity to process 1,000 tonnes of ore per day for 4.55X more processing capacity than GPR's Topia!

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