Very Important NIA Monday Morning Update

North Peak Resources (TSXV: NPR) bounced big on Friday and is likely to make a massive breakout to much higher new 52-week highs in the weeks ahead with the company getting ready to begin issuing press releases about how their newly organized local team in the world's #1 ranked mining jurisdiction Nevada, is getting set to begin applying modern exploration technology towards identifying gold in the Black Horse district where high grade ore was mined in the early 1900’s and most recently in 1998 Gary Grauberger drilled 300 shallow holes, which established an initial 2 mile strike of near-surface mineralization with grades as high as 43.5 g/t gold over 3m. One 1998 drill hole intercepted 7.46 g/t gold over 27.4m. Another 1998 drill hole intercepted 8.7 g/t gold over 9.14m. Another 1998 drill hole intercepted 7.78 g/t gold over 9.14m. Preliminary metallurgical work from 1998 showed extremely high gold recoveries of 97%.

NPR already has the cash to fund this maiden drilling/exploration program with most of it raised in 2017 when NPR was the world's first publicly traded blockchain technology company BTL Group. NPR/BTL's largest private placement was priced at a pre-split $4.90 per share, which today is equal to $9.80 per share. The warrants issued in the 2017 private placement have already expired and NPR has zero outstanding warrants today, which means we see no meaningful resistance until NPR reaches $9.80 per share, and that resistance is unlikely to hold NPR back for long. After NPR breaks through $9.80 per share possibly on Stone Cold Steve Austin Day, NPR will likely explode to $12-$15 per share within the following week or two.

NIA's #1 favorite uranium stock suggestion Virginia Energy Resources (TSXV: VUI) gained by 14.47% on Friday to close last week at $0.87 per share, which was VUI's second highest closing price since NIA's initial suggestion on the evening of September 14th at $0.475 per share. Although the TSXV is closed today, uranium is making a massive breakout this morning with Sprott Physical Uranium Trust Fund (SRUUF) up by 3.63% one of its largest up days in history!

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