Very Important NIA Update

With palladium hitting a new all-time high last week of $2,149 per oz for a gain of $208 or 10.72% from its 2019 year-end price of $1,941 per oz, we have been receiving constant inquiries every single day from NIA members asking for us to announce the #1 way to capitalize on the world's most rapidly gaining precious metal. After Impala's acquisition last month of North American Palladium for CAD$1 BILLION, there are no more publicly traded North American based primary palladium producers! Previously, NIA's first ever palladium stock suggestion Stillwater Mining got acquired by Sibanye Gold for USD$2.2 BILLION at a HUGE premium above NIA's suggestion price! Even with Sibanye's South African gold business losing money, Sibanye has been the world's #1 largest gaining large-cap mining stock of the last twelve months with a gain of 274.62% entirely due to its ownership of the Stillwater palladium mine the only U.S. producing palladium mine!

On October 20, 2019 after palladium hit a then record high of $1,780 per oz, NIA sent out a one time report announcing Group Ten Metals (TSXV: PGE) at $0.145 per share as its new palladium stock suggestion. PGE owns the Stillwater West project located directly adjacent to the Stillwater palladium mine. PGE finished 2019 at $0.22 per share up by 51.72% from NIA's alert price, which is pretty incredible considering that nickel is the primary metal of its project and nickel futures declined by 12.5% during this same time period. In recent months, NIA has been searching long and hard for a company with the potential to become North America's next major publicly traded primary palladium producer! NIA believes that it has finally discovered it and we intend to announce it very soon!

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