VOYG Plunges 24% Following NIA's 3AC Warning Alert

Following NIA's alert this morning expressing our concerns that Voyager Digital (TSX: VOYG) has exposure to Three Arrows Capital, VOYG plunged by 24% to close at $1.50 per share. VOYG was today's second largest decliner on the TSX!

VOYG has been silent all day refusing to respond to shareholders asking about Three Arrows Capital. All they would have to do is say, "No, we don't have any exposure to Three Arrows Capital!"

We request for VOYG to come clean and name the seven plus counterparties that they have loaned $2 billion+ of client funds to. VOYG's 4th most loaned Cryptocurrency as of March 31st was LUNA. VOYG had loaned out 2,059,577 LUNA, which was worth $212,236,000 on March 31st, but is today worth $123.57.

VOYG has so far declined by 90.27% since NIA's short sale suggestion on December 14th at $15.21 per share! We suggest remaining short!

Total shareholder equity as of March 31st was only $257.783 million. If only 12.75% of their loans default their shareholder equity gets wiped outIn 1Q 2022, prior to the Crypto market collapsing, VOYG lost $61.588 million in a single quarter! If you have money on Voyager, remove it immediately to be safe (although it might already be too late)!

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