Why GNE is Set to Explode in Days Ahead

Last week, NIA sent out a Tuesday morning alert about the NYSE traded oil company Genie Energy (GNE) at a price of $5.44 per share, predicting that it would be the next oil stock to explode. On Thursday afternoon with GNE up to $5.65 per share, NIA sent out a follow-up alert explaining why it strongly believes that GNE is the #1 way to play the Trump/Putin summit that is scheduled for July 16th. GNE rallied into the close on Friday to finish last week at a new eight month high of $5.90 per share!

After coiling up for months in a symmetrical triangle with a rapidly converging trading range, GNE successfully brokeout above its upper trendline following NIA's initial GNE alert less than one week ago! This represents the official beginning of a major new uptrend! Together with GNE's major short-term catalysts, extremely strong fundamentals, rapid revenue growth, and record high free cash flow - NIA has every reason to believe that GNE will rally big in the days ahead as smart in-the-know investors take notice of the company's unique, one-of-a-kind, prominent leadership position within Syria's oil exploration and drilling industries.

Historically, GNE's key breakout point has always been its 500-day moving average. This past Friday afternoon, during the final half hour of the trading week, GNE successfully surpassed its latest 500-day moving average of $5.84 per share and finished the week at $5.90 per share!

Take a look at GNE's long-term chart, including its 500-day moving average. GNE faced major resistance in September 2014 at its 500-day moving average, but when GNE finally surpassed its key breakout point of $8.69 per share in April 2015, it exploded by $5.56 or 64% to a high of $14.25 per share within the following 19 trading days!

Between April and June of 2017, GNE once again faced major resistance at its 500-day moving average. GNE's breakout that occurred late in the day on Friday looks almost exactly like what occurred in April 2015. If GNE once again explodes by 64% from its latest key breakout point of $5.84 per share that it surpassed late on Friday, we would see GNE rise this month to a price of $9.58 per share!

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