Zedge (ZDGE) Is Becoming International Giant

If you go to YouTube and search for "Zedge" it seems the whole world is in love with Zedge (ZDGE)'s products and services, but nobody knows it's a publicly traded company. Even if you filter the results for the past year there is an unending number of new videos being created about Zedge from thousands of people in countless different countries. Everybody loves Zedge.

Also, if you use a VPN to search Google for emojis from IP addresses in other countries in other languages, ZDGE's Emojipedia is always #1 no matter what country or language you search from.

Here are some examples:

Excluding our gold stocks that are about to become 10 baggers in the upcoming months, Zedge (ZDGE) will become NIA's #1 largest gaining stock of 2024!

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