#1 Challenge for EV Industry

Earlier this month, Vice published a must read article entitled, 'Today's Electric Car Batteries Will Be Tomorrow's E-Waste Crisis, Scientists Warn'. According to the article, "Electric vehicles can help save the planet, but their batteries pose a serious challenge to the world's recycling infrastructure. We need to improve and scale up recycling methods now, scientists say in a new paper." Click here to read this article.

The article was based on a research report written by researchers at the University of Birmingham in the UK. The research report was published by Nature and entitled, 'Recycling lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles'.

The abstract of the research report reads, "Rapid growth in the market for electric vehicles is imperative, to meet global targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, to improve air quality in urban centres and to meet the needs of consumers, with whom electric vehicles are increasingly popular. However, growing numbers of electric vehicles present a serious waste-management challenge for recyclers at end-of-life. Nevertheless, spent batteries may also present an opportunity as manufacturers require access to strategic elements and critical materials for key components in electric-vehicle manufacture: recycled lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles could provide a valuable secondary source of materials. Here we outline and evaluate the current range of approaches to electric-vehicle lithium-ion battery recycling and re-use, and highlight areas for future progress." Click here to read this research report.

NIA believes that it has discovered the company best positioned to set the standard for recycling spent EV batteries and recovering high purity critical materials for re-use in new EV batteries. NIA will be announcing this company as its #1 favorite technology stock for 2020!

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