The Crypto Bailout

On Wednesday afternoon, a hacker found an exploit on Wormhole, which is a bridge between the Ethereum and Solana (centralized scam) blockchains. The hacker stole 120,000 wrapped Ethereum (wETH) tokens worth $320 million. Wrapped tokens are tokens that are pegged to another token but trade on a different blockchain.

Almost immediately, Certus One the developer of Wormhole contacted the hacker with the message, "We noticed you were able to exploit the Solana VAA verification and mint tokens. We’d like to offer you a whitehat agreement, and present you a bug bounty of $10 million for exploit details, and returning the wETH you’ve minted." The hacker hasn't responded, but on Thursday a company called Jump Crypto, which owns Certus One decided to bailout the Wormhole accounts and replenish the 120,000 stolen wETH with 120,000 ETH. Their reason for doing so, "@JumpCryptoHQ believes in a multichain future and that @WormholeCrypto is essential infrastructure. That’s why we replaced 120k ETH to make community members whole and support Wormhole now as it continues to develop."

A few years ago, NIA's President met Jordan Belfort at a motivational speaking event for entrepreneurs that they both spoke at... and he seems like a good person now. Recently, Jordan spoke about the movie production company Red Granite Pictures, which produced the movie 'Wolf of Wall Street' about Jordan and his former brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont (think Euro Pacific Capital before it went out of business). According to Jordan"They flew me to Cannes four or five months after they bought the movie, and they wanted to announce it in Cannes. It hadn’t even gone into production yet, and they threw a launch party. They must have spent $3 million on a launch party. They flew in Kanye West, and I said to Anne, this is a fucking scam, anybody who does this has stolen money. You wouldn’t spend money you worked for like that."

It was later learned that Red Granite funded the movie with money stolen from Malaysia's Development Fund. When we learned about Jump Crypto's bailout of the Wormhole accounts we immediately had the same reaction that Jordan did about Red Granite Pictures. We decided to immediately check the historical issuances of Tether (USDT) to see if Jump Crypto is a past recipient of newly printed Tether tokens.

Not surprisingly, we have just learned that Jump Crypto has been one of the largest recipients of newly printed Tether tokens, and the #1 largest recipient of USDT issued on the Solana blockchain. In fact, at least 98% of all Tether issued on the Solana blockchain have gone to Jump Crypto. Look for Jump Crypto to be repaid in the form of additional newly printed Tether tokens in the near future.

It seems like anybody with direct access to the Tether Money Printer has the ability to spend unlimited money, like when Sam Bankman-Fried's FTX bought the naming rights to the Miami Heat arena and paid for the entire 20-year contract upfront at a time when nobody had ever heard of FTX. Too many people have been brainwashed into believing that these people are legitimately wealthy from being "early adopters of Crypto", but the truth is... all of their money comes from the Tether Money Printer.

We find it strange that every major hack in Crypto history has been followed by a rally in Crypto prices immediately afterwards. It proves that Crypto prices are fully controlled and manipulated by a small group of people. It's all fake and it will be impossible for the average investor to ever cash out.