Gold Just Broke $1,240 and Fiore Looks Ready to Surpass its Key Breakout Point!

Yesterday, gold gained by $13.70 per oz to settle at $1,233.90 per oz! This morning, gold's major short squeeze rally is continuing in a BIG way with gold up another $6.80 to $1,240.70 per oz!

On Thursday, November 22nd at 3:15PMEST, NIA announced Fiore Gold (TSXV: F) at $0.23 per share as its #1 stock suggestion for 2019. (NIA's five previous #1 stock/option suggestions for the following year achieved an average gain at their highs of 523.21% from NIA's suggestion prices!)

On Monday, November 26th at 12:45PMEST, NIA sent out an important follow-up alert discussing how Fiore Gold (TSXV: F) is backed by Frank Giustra. (NIA in recent years suggested two previous Giustra deals and BOTH of them became HUGE winners for NIA members - achieving an average gain of 502.99% in an average time period of less than five weeks!)

When NIA sent out its Fiore follow-up alert on Monday, November 26th at 12:45PMEST, the stock was trading at $0.30 per share. Over the following few hours, Fiore rallied to a high of $0.38 per share before closing at $0.355 per share.

After seeing a healthy dip late last week down to a Friday closing price of $0.285 per share, Fiore soared by $0.06 or 21.05% yesterday to close at $0.345 per share. With gold continuing to rally big this morning, Fiore could be ready to test its November 26th high of $0.38 per share, which has also become Fiore's key breakout point! Fiore currently has a 14-day relative strength index of only 58.69, which means it is no where close to being overbought!

When Fiore surpasses its key breakout point of $0.38 per share, it could easily explode to $0.50 or higher within the following few trading days, in NIA's opinion!

Fiore needs to hit $0.49 per share just to reach its book value! Remember, Fiore's producing Pan Gold Mine, fully permitted adjacent Gold Rock project, and Chile exploration assets - are only receiving total value on Fiore's balance sheet of $23.2 million. Approximately $200 million has been spent over the past decade exploring and developing Fiore's Pan Gold Mine, but the balance sheet doesn't reflect this because Fiore purchased it at a dirt-cheap price in bankruptcy court from the previous overleveraged owner that had massive short-term debts and ran out of cash just prior to the mine entering production! Fiore is completely debt free with $0.235 per share in working capital!

A valuation for Fiore of $200 million would equal a share price of over $2!

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