NYSE Oil Stock Ready to Explode: Genie Energy (GNE)

Oil exploration & production stocks have begun to explode in recent days with small-cap companies like PEDEVCO (PED) up 620.9% and New Concept Energy (GBR) up 203.8% during the past week!
NIA's President just got back the other day from Syria where he went to research the oil exploration projects of a NYSE traded small-cap company: Genie Energy (GNE).

Yesterday, GNE began to breakout big rising $0.48 or 9.68% to $5.44 per share. NIA strongly believes that GNE is about to become the biggest oil play in the entire market!

President Trump is getting ready to meet with President Putin to discuss ending the war in Syria. GNE is the only publicly traded company that has been exploring for oil in Syria. GNE was first granted an oil exploration license in 2013 by the Israeli government covering 150 square miles of the Golan Heights section of Syria that Israel has occupied since 1967. In 2015, GNE made a major oil discovery in the Golan Heights causing the stock to soar as high as $14.97 per share despite crude oil at the time trading below $50 per barrel.

With crude oil now up to $75 per barrel, GNE is seeking an extension of the Northern portion of its Golan Heights exploratory license where the company has discovered evidence of hydrocarbons at its Ness 10 well. It is believed that the Golan Heights could contain one of the world's largest reserves of oil and no other company has ever been granted permission to drill there!

President Trump's good friend FOX Chairman Rupert Murdoch is a major investor in GNE. Other official advisors backing GNE include former Vice President Dick Cheney, billionaire Michael Steinhardt, former Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson, and Jacob Rothschild of the prominent Rothschild banking family 

Many in the know people believe that the entire reason our military is in Syria is to help secure oil resources for GNE and the powerful backers of the company. This stock could double or triple within weeks!

NIA's President was extremely impressed by the company's connections throughout the Israeli government and is confident that they will be able to continue extending their license for as long as Israel occupies the Golan Heights!

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