AMY Commercial Recycling Plant to Process 3 TPD!

Following this past year's successful design, commissioning, and testing of the RecycLiCo™ Pilot Plant project, American Manganese Inc. (TSXV: AMY) just announced major breaking news this morning that negotiations have begun with Kemetco Research on the preliminary engineering design and economic analysis of a Commercial Demonstration recycling plant with a planned processing capacity of 3 tonnes of cathode scrap material per day! Click here to read AMY's press release issued this morning!

AMY is currently considering potential joint venture agreements with battery manufacturers, in addition to licensing agreements for the patented process. Completion of the 3 TPD commercial demonstration plant, for the processing of cathode scrap, is projected for 2020.

Once constructed, the commercial demonstration plant will provide a stepping stone towards AMY's goal of a 30-50 TPD recycling plant producing cathode precursor material that could be sold for use in the manufacturing of new lithium-ion batteries.    

A few months ago, Electrek published a must read article entitled, 'Tesla is developing a unique battery recycling system' Click here to read the article!

According to the article,  “At Gigafactory 1, Tesla is developing a unique battery recycling system that will process both battery manufacturing scrap and end-of-life batteries. Through this system, the recovery of critical minerals such as lithium and cobalt will be maximized along with the recovery of all metals used in the battery cell, such as copper, aluminum and steel. All of these materials will be recovered in forms optimized for new battery material production.”

Immediately afterwards the article says, "Several companies are currently working on ways to be able to recover critical minerals from battery cells in the recycling process. American Manganese recently achieved high extraction from lithium-ion battery cathode material at their pilot recycling plant."

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