NIA's #1 Silver Pick Acquired at HUGE Premium!

NIA's #1 Silver Exploration Stock Suggestion: Arizona Mining (TSX: AZ) announced this week that it is being acquired by South32 for $2.1 BILLION in cash, which is equal to a record high share price of $6.20 for a shocking premium of 50.12% above its closing price last week of $4.13!

The acquisition price of $2.1 BILLION is the most cash ever paid for a silver exploration company not yet in production! NIA initially suggested AZ on November 10th, 2014 as both its #1 silver exploration stock suggestion and its #1 overall stock suggestion for 2015. At the time of NIA's suggestion, AZ was known as Wildcat Silver and it was trading for only $0.37 per share with a market cap of less than $55 million!

Amazingly, from November 10th, 2014 through today, AZ has gained by 1,559.46% making it the world's #1 best performing gold/silver stock during this time period! In comparison, the median gold/silver stock has gained by 68.67% during this time period. AZ has gained 22.7X more than the median gold/silver stock!

This week's buyout of AZ comes as no surprise to NIA members. In NIA's publicly released report ranking AZ as its #1 overall stock suggestion, NIA discussed how AZ's Founder/Chairman/CEO Richard W Warke had previously founded another company Augusta Resources (AZC), which had been acquired two months earlier for $550 million.

NIA explained why it strongly believed that AZ deserved a similar valuation to AZC. AZ's Hermosa property was in close proximity to AZC's Rosemont property - with both projects located southeast of Tucson, Arizona within 30km of each other. AZC's copper reserve had a low grade of 0.45%, but AZ successfully built a high grade zinc-lead-silver resource with a zinc equivalent grade of 10.4%!

In addition, NIA alerted its members about how AZC wasn't Richard W Warke's only successful exit. In fact, shortly after AZ went public in late-2006 as Wildcat Silver, it spun off its Colombian gold exploration division with all shareholders receiving one share of Ventana Gold for each AZ share. In March 2011, Brazilian billionaire Eike Batista acquired Ventana Gold for $1.5 BILLION in cash! If a company that AZ spun off sold for $1.5 billion, surely AZ as the parent company deserved to be worth much more than $55 million!

Here is a copy of NIA's original report on Arizona Mining/Wildcat Silver ranking it as NIA's #1 overall stock suggestion for 2015 and beyond:
NIA's Original Report on Arizona Mining (TSX: AZ) then known as Wildcat Silver. Released on November 10th, 2014, ranking Arizona Mining/Wildcat Silver as NIA's #1 Overall Stock Suggestion for 2015 and beyond.