BYND Begins Using Rice Protein and RIBT Set to Explode!

Over the next six months, many U.S. Supermarkets will rename their "meat departments" to "protein departments" due to 2019's exploding trend of plant-based proteins being used to create vegan meat that tastes exactly like real meat! Today, the #1 leader in the plant-based meat space is publicly traded Beyond Meat (BYND), which went public on May 2nd at an IPO valuation at $25 per share of only $1.5 billion. BYND quickly soared by 707.52% to a June 18th high of $201.88 per share for a peak valuation of $12.14 BILLION!

It is extremely important to read BYND's press release issued less than one week ago on June 26th: by clicking here! BYND announced that it has begun shipping to major retailers across the U.S. its biggest new product release in history: Beyond Beef!

According to BYND's June 26th press release, "Made with a blend of pea, mung bean and rice proteins, Beyond Beef delivers the meaty taste and texture of beef, along with marbling intended to melt and tenderize for a satisfying and delicious at-home cooking experience."

This HUGE development is going to benefit one company more than any other... Ricebran Technologies (RIBT), which has the technology to extract protein from rice for use in plant-based meat. Even for stubborn Americans who insist on only eating animal meat, RIBT's technology greatly increases product yield so that less animals are needed to be killed, while simultaneously enhancing the product by allowing it to retain moisture for a much more juicy and better tasting burger! Click here to see for yourself!

We have a lot more we must discuss regarding RIBT but needed to get this important info out to you ASAP! Beyond Beef with rice protein is beginning to reach store shelves this week!

RIBT is about to become the hottest new plant-based protein play in the market and could absolutely explode in the days ahead!

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