GNE: #1 Way to Play Trump/Putin Summit

We are now only 11 days away from President Trump's summit with Russian President Putin, which is scheduled to take place on July 16th in Helsinki, Finland.

Although the mainstream media will insist that the world's two most powerful leaders waste all of their time discussing non-existent "election meddling", the real #1 topic to be discussed at the summit will be Syria and the hopes of both leaders to end the Syrian war. Leading up to last month's summit in Singapore between Trump and Kim Jung-un, just about every public company trading in the U.S. or on any foreign exchange worldwide that had any mention of North Korea in their business description or regulatory filings, made massive short-term gains in the triple or quadruple digits. For example, Hyundai Cement rose 588.39% in six weeks and Busan Industrial rose 480.72% one month!

In the days leading up to and weeks following the Trump/Putin summit, we expect to see similar gains achieved by any public companies set to capitalize on the war in Syria coming to an end allowing refugees to return home and the country to rebuild. Already, under the heroic leadership of Syrian President Assad, the country has begun an organized effort to rebuild the homes of its citizens that got destroyed by NATO bombs. Unfortunately, despite having one of the world's largest reserves of oil, the Syrian government's financial resources are quite limited due to NATO forces continuing to occupy Syria's oil field assets, preventing Syrian citizens from returning to work and generating the income and capital needed to rebuild on a massive nationwide scale.

Not many people know this, but Genie Energy (GNE) is the world's only company currently exploring for oil in Syria. By focusing on the Golan Heights section of Syria, GNE has the backing of the Israeli government and its well funded military. GNE in addition to having an oil exploration business in Syria, also has an oil drilling business and is one of only two companies in the region to own its own oil rig. When other companies begin to enter Syria to explore for oil, GNE is well positioned to capture this market by drilling for them!

Some U.S. Senators like Lindsey Graham have been aggressively pushing in recent months for the U.S. to "renegotiate" its defense deal with Israel for the purpose of significantly increasing the $38 billion in defense funds it has agreed to give Israel over the next decade. In November 2015, Senator Graham together with Newark, NJ mayor Ras Baraka were on hand for the official opening of the newly renovated IDT office building, one of Newark's tallest and most recognized skyscrapers. NIA's President as a business mentor to many students and entrepreneurs in Newark, has become good friends with Mayor Baraka and through him has met many of Newark's most influential business leaders. Recently, NIA's President helped Mayor Baraka in his attempt to attract Amazon to the city, but would you believe that over the past decade IDT has achieved even greater success for its investors than Amazon?

GNE was originally a subsidiary of IDT. After spinning off GNE to its shareholders in 2011, IDT in 2013 spun off another subsidiary called Straight Path Communications (STRP). STRP initially began trading in August 2013 at $5 per share with a market cap of only $60 million. This past February, STRP was acquired by Verizon for $3.2 BILLION or $184 per share in cash for a gain of 3,580% from its initial trading price!

IDT previously spun off the company IDW Media (IDWM) formerly known as CTM Media. It initially began trading in September 2009 at only $0.60 per share with a market cap of only $2.1 million. Today IDWM is trading for $44 per share with a market cap of $290.2 million after gaining 7,233% in recent years!

Many IDT investors believe that GNE will ultimately become IDT's biggest success story in history. NIA's President recently visited Syria to see GNE's operations for himself. With crude oil futures soaring in recent months and Trump's summit with Putin only 11 days away, NIA predicts that GNE from its current price of $5.65 per share will become one of the largest gainers on the entire NYSE!

GNE has more powerful, wealthy, and influential backers than any other small-cap company in existence worldwide. Some of GNE's most well-known investors and/or advisors include FOX Chairman Rupert Murdoch, former CIA director R. James Woolsey, former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, former Vice President Dick Cheney, former Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson, former Chair of the U.S. Senate Commitee on Energy and Natural Resources Marry Landrieu, billionaire hedge fund manager and Chairman of Wisdom Tree Investments Michael Steinhardt, and Jacob Rothschild of the prominent Rothschild banking family.

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