NIA's KBEV Explodes as Coke Seeks to Enter CBD-Infused Beverage Space

NIA's Koios Beverage (KBEV) gained $0.10 or 23.26% to $0.53 per share today on HUGE volume of 2,230,967 shares! We believe KBEV is getting ready to explode past its September 5th high of $0.62 per share.

Bloomberg has been reporting on rumors in recent days that Coca-Cola (KO) is getting ready to enter the CBD-infused beverage space. According to Bloomberg, KO is considering an investment in Aurora Cannabis (TSX: ACB), which has gained 29% over the last two days on the news.

ACB's market cap is now $10.5 BILLION! KBEV only has 50 million shares outstanding for an extremely low market cap at $0.53 per share of $26.5 million. KBEV could become a takeover target in the near-future. The company already has an established line of nootropic beverages that are sold across 2,000 stores in the United States.

KBEV's Cannavated line of CBD-infused nootropic beverages will be launching next month. The upcoming launch of Cannavated combined with Canada's October 17th legalization of cannabis and KO's rumored entry into the CBD-infused beverage space, could make KBEV one of the market's largest percentage gainers over the next 30 days!

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