LWAY: 7th Largest Gainer on NASDAQ Since June 7th!

NIA announced Lifeway Foods (LWAY) on June 7th as its new #1 Pea Protein Play. Since then, LWAY has been the 7th largest percentage gainer on the entire NASDAQ exchange, rising by 80.48% to a closing price last week of $3.79 per share! For comparison, Beyond Meat (BYND) during this same time period has gained by only 54.9% making it the 14th largest percentage gainer on the NASDAQ!

This past Thursday at 12:45PMEDT, LWAY announced plans to create Plantiful + CBD, a new CBD-infused version of its recently launched pea protein probiotic plant-based beverage line called Plantiful! By combining pea protein and probiotics with CBD, we believe LWAY's Plantiful + CBD will become one of America's best selling beverage products!

LWAY immediately exploded on Thursday afternoon, rising by $1.86 or 64.36% to reach a new eleven month high of $4.75 per share! From LWAY's Thursday intraday high of $4.75 per share, it briefly dipped by $1.50 or 31.58% to a Friday afternoon bottom of $3.25 per share. After finding HUGE support at $3.25 per share, LWAY began to bounce big late on Friday, rallying from its bottom by $0.54 or 16.62% to close at its high of day of $3.79 per share!

One week ago with LWAY trading for $2.53 per share, NIA ranked LWAY as its #2 favorite overall stock suggestion with a confidence rating of 95 (on a scale of 1 to 100). Amazingly, LWAY has gained on every single trading day since then, rising by 49.8% last week on total volume of 2.65 MILLION shares!

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