Tesla Makes Major Acquisition to Produce Better Batteries

Tesla (TSLA) after reporting a 4Q 2018 profit that was down from 3Q 2018, is desperate to figure out ways to lower its battery production costs. Yesterday, TSLA made a major move by announcing the acquisition of Maxwell Technologies (MXWL) for $218 million - paying a HUGE premium of 50%. MXWL is developing dry electrode technology that has potential to improve the performance of EV batteries by allowing them to pack in more energy while reducing production costs by 20%.

NIA expects to see the stocks of other battery technology companies explode to the upside in the days ahead. Investors are about to load up on any publicly traded company that has technology that will improve the performance while lowering the production costs of EV batteries. NIA's President Gerard Adams has been researching the battery industry for over a decade and is aware of one company that is developing technology to produce better EV batteries and could lower the production costs of EV batteries by up to 50%.

This company is Nano One Materials Corp (TSXV: NNO). Over the past 48 hours, NNO has been under steady accumulation rising $0.04 to $1.45 per share on Monday before today rising another $0.03 to $1.48 per share. It has a U.S. symbol of NNOMF and its current market cap is only USD$74.17 million. Gerard predicts that NNO will breakout big in the days ahead and could soon become a takeover target just like MXWL.

The Chairman of NNO is Paul Matysek. If his name sounds familiar it is because Paul Matysek was also the Chairman of NIA's #1 lithium stock suggestion Lithium-X, which got acquired last year by NextView for $2.61 per share in cash for a gain of 169% from NIA's suggestion price of $0.97 per share.

Over the past year, there have been many articles written about how Elon Musk is desperate to reduce the amount of cobalt used by Tesla's EV batteries, and NNO has developed the perfect solution! NNO's technology allows for cost-effective production of nanostructured cathode materials - reducing the cost of raw materials and processing - while boosting capacity, charge and cycling. In recent months, some of the largest companies in the EV battery business have been rushing to partner up with NNO.

On December 18th, NNO signed a Joint Development Agreement with Saint-Gobain, an $18.2 billion French multinational corporation founded in 1665 that produces high-performance EV battery materials. Click here to see for yourself.

On January 21st, NNO signed a Joint Development Agreement with Pulead Technology Industry, one of the largest producers of EV batteries in all of China. Click here to see for yourself.

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